Thursday, October 27, 2011

His Ex Girlfriend/Stalker

I am absolutely sure that Wolfy is my soul mate.  I just know it.  And he was my first love.  But I wasn't his.  (Or so he said. I wasn't convinced he knew love from infatuation at the time) When we were in high school, I asked him about his girlfriend before me.  I only knew of the rumors that were said about her. She cheated on Wolfy, so I thought there had to be some truth to the rumors.  I asked him how could he not see what kind of girl she was, and he said, "He was in love."  I wanted to puke.  What do you mean you were in love? With her!  I'm not your first love?  I've always hated that he said that he was in love with her.  But I got the guy, so I got over it.  

Unfortunately his ex didn't.  She became our biggest fan/stalker.   Stalker loathed me.  She had good friends in my classes that I think would report back to her on whether I was doing well in my classes...hello I was a nerd.  Of course I was doing well.  She had friends on my volleyball team to report to her if I sucked or not.  They reported from the bench while I was on the court.  Sorry no luck there Stalker.  So she resorted to trying to be the nice girl.  

One weekend at a Human Relations/Tolerance Camp we were both attending, she ended up in my group.  It was about 30 students and a couple of counselors having a discussion about race and stereotypes.  I guess she took it as an open forum to single me out.  She asked if we could be friends, and she'd really like to get to know me better.  I was horrified, and pissed at the same time.  I thought, she could have just came up to me and told me the same thing.  She didn't have to announce it to the group!  Unfortunately, I had to play along with her little game now that the whole group wanted us to be BFF's.  So I tried and it was awkward, but I survived.   I even felt good by the end of the weekend like I had actually accomplished something.  

After the Camp weekend I was excited to tell Wolfy of the new developments.  He had graduated already so I was waiting to meet up with him after school.  As soon as I saw him, I started spewing all the details of the camp, and the Stalker's attempt at being friends.  But I had survived and we were on good terms now.  Wolfy looked at me strange after my story.  

He asked me, "Are you sure?".  

I was confused.  "What do you mean, am I sure?  Yes, your ex and I are ok now."

You know that look on people's faces when you know they are about to tell you something you don't want to hear.  He had that look. 

Wolfy said, "Because on my way in here, I saw my ex.  She stopped me and pulled me aside.  She told me that you were not right for me, and that I should break up with you and take her back."

I was literally shocked.  But why? Why was I so shocked?  I knew this was the kind of person she was.  

"What the hell!  Just now?  Ugh, I should have known better.  Stupid me for even thinking she could change."  

After that I knew I could never trust her again. 

Fast forward to my first year in college.  I was in another state going to school and playing volleyball while Wolfy was still in our hometown.  He calls me one day and told me that Stalker ex showed up to his house out of the blue.

"What! Why? What did she want?"

Wolfy explains, "My Mom answered the door.  She saw her standing there with a baby in her arms."

"Baby? She had a baby?"

"I guess so.  My Mom thought nothing of it and asked her what was the baby's name.  She said Stalker named the baby after me!"

"She WHAT!!"  Yes, you read that right.  Stalker named her first baby, from another guy, after my boyfriend.

Wolfy continues, "My Mom asked her to wait and she came storming to the back and went off on me.  Yelled at me about this ex girlfriend at the door with a baby named after me.  She even asked me if the baby was mine.  I told her hell no, we never even had sex.  Ugh, it was so embarrassing to have to tell that to my Mom."  

I was livid.  Even worse I couldn't do much from another state.  I wanted to call my sisters and tell them to hunt this psycho down, but what good was that going to do.  They couldn't change a baby's name.  Wow, I never thought she would do something that crazy.  I didn't think she would ever show up in our lives again since high school was over.  Well, that was wishful thinking.  

Fast forward even more, to when Wolfy and I had been married 6 years with our first child and another on the way.  There was this little thing called Myspace that just became popular.  Basically a stalkers wonderland.  Wolfy had a Myspace not even a month and I see the Stalker ex on his friends list.  Oh, Wolfy heard it from me.  I told him to delete her crazy ass too.  But being your typical clueless man, he thought it was harmless.  So I became the stalker.  I hated it, but I wasn't going to just let her off that easy.  I went to her Myspace page and found nothing exciting or strange.  Until I looked at her photos.  She had an album dedicated to Wolfy, titled, "The reason why I know there are still good men out there".  She had taken pictures from Wolfy's photo albums and put them into her album.  Conveniently all the pictures of him alone, without his wife and kid.  

That was it!  I didn't care what Wolfy had to say, I told him to delete her, block her, whatever he needed to do.  I didn't want him having anything to do with her.  She had no boundaries.  

So, 12 years of marriage and five kids later, she is nothing but a distant memory, and a character in this blog post.  But, I think I don't trust women as much as I would like because of her.  But just as I was with the Stalker in high school, I am still always optimistic of the possibilities of meeting good honest women.  And I don't mind that Wolfy says I wasn't his first love.  As long as I'm his LAST.  


  1. LOL@Stalker Ex, LMAO@her babys name... WTF LMAO@Myspace.... eh thanks for the laugh... thats right as long as you are his last LOVE, thats all that matters...

  2. LOL yea remember myspace? Is there even a myspace anymore?

  3. I love the end of your post.. "I don't mind that...I wasn't his first love. As long as I'm his last"!. Nice!

  4. Yep I remember My Space, was never really big here in Australia - went over to Cali back in 05 and every man and his dog was on MySpace so I can just image your stalker, stalking Wolfy... lol

  5. bwhahaha omg that's exactly when that happened in 05. And everybody and their mamaz had a myspace. Now it's FB. lol

  6. Well if you can't stalk your exes, what good are they? LOL...sorry bunny couldn't resist.

    I'm so glad that the internet was just getting all warmed up when my brother divorced his wife for the third time. Same wife--three divorces.

    That wouldn't have been fun.

    But then again, Mom wouldn't have made me sit outside my ex sil's house and take photos with a Polaroid when I was ten.

    I think...just perahaps---I had an odd childhood.

    Tell Wolfy---I love his moon loving butt in a completely platonic non-stalkish way. And I promise to NEVER name any of my non-existant kids after him.


  7. Bwahahaha...ok I don't know how Wolfy will take that, but I thought it was funny!

    But wow your bro and the same wife, three divorces. Yea, I say that would would have been worthy of some myspace stalking. LOL@ your odd childhood. Who hasn't had an odd childhood. And I remember Polaroids! I used to love those cameras.

  8. There are some serious psycho women out there ( and most of them seem to have dated the men we marry...LOL) Even after 18 years of marriage, I still dont like even the mere mention of some of the women Darren dated/loved/lived with - so maybe Im a little psycho myself, haha.

  9. Exactly, I'm fine as long as I never here my hubby mention her ever again. Which we never do anyway. She will have to forever remain the "One who must not be named"! LOL

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