Thursday, July 12, 2012

Move over Ezra Taylor, you are not my Daniel.

This is Ezra Taylor, as if most of us Telesa fans didn't already know. But if you don't know what Telesa is, or who Ezra Taylor is...Helloooo! Where ya been? Get with the program and read the first two books of the Telesa Trilogy by Lani Wendt Young!(click on Telesa for the link)

When I first saw this photo before I read Telesa The Covenant Keeper, I thought wow this dude is cute! But for some reason when I read through the book the first time I just never really pictured Ezra as Daniel.  I don't know what happened.  Daniel in my head was never Ezra.  Same thing with my sister who just finished reading Telesa, and When Water Burns.  But she said Ezra is not cute. WHAAATT! Back it up, hold up, check your makas (eyes) girlfriend!! One thing he is not is ugly. hahaha He's just not my Daniel, doesn't mean he isn't handsome. I'm not blind sheesh!

If you haven't heard I am a fan of Kane Thompson of Manu Samoa and Chiefs.  And by fan I mean stalker. ha! j/k But he's not my Daniel either. I just like looking at him.  And I wanted to upload photos of him for no reason.
But he happens to be on the same rugby union team as...

My Daniel who is more like this beautiful creature Richard Kahui.

Yes yes, he's not even Samoan or Tongan.  I believe he's Maori and European but not sure.  Whatever it's my imagination I can make him whatever I want.  So he's my Daniel Tahi.  

I watched this video on youtube a while back and that sort of sealed the deal for me.  If it's one thing women love is man that can make them laugh.(at least for me it is) And I seriously almost peed my pants.  

Oh my gosh, I was dying when they started singing Celine Dion! 
Anyway, Ezra is the official face of Daniel, but not when I read Telesa.  

Off to read When Water Burns...Again. Happy reading! 


  1. Love this blogpost. Yes Ezra Taylor is a handsome man (and lovely person too) but he's not "MY" Daniel either. I think every reader dreams up their own image and interpretation of what Daniel Tahi in the book looks like, sounds like etc. I still tell my teenagers that in MY mind, Daniel's voice is JUST LIKE Phillip Phillips from American Idol, lol. Even tho they tell me that cant be right... Its great to have a cover model associated with the book but i defn encourage everyone to make Daniel be and look like whatever their reader imaginations dream up.

    1. Thanks Lani! I agree Ezra seems like a great guy. Your kids are so funny. I can't wait 'til my daughter is old enough to read Telesa. She's only 7 so it might be a while. I've never really thought about how Daniel's voice sounds to me when he sings. Hmm.. thinking now.