Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hunger Games vs. Telesa The Covenant Keeper

First of all before I get all kinds of appalling comments and bashing, I'm not comparing these two books as a competition of which book was better.  Although it was hard for me to read S.C.  It felt like I was reading someone on A.D.D. jumping from one subject to the next without any warning it seemed to me.  And I had issues with the way she ended the books like it was just another chapter.  But it doesn't mean I didn't love the books and finished the trilogy in a matter of days.  It's just my opinion as a reader.  I know nothing about writing books, so that's all I'm going to say about that.  I just recently read THG trilogy and I loved the books, but was left with an obsession over some pretty depressing books in my opinion.  I've read Catching Fire twice already and went back to re read The Hunger Games, but I had to stop reading it.  

I thought, "I really need to stop reading this series.  I love it but it just leaves me feeling sad."  

So what's my cure for depression over fictional characters? Of course Telesa.  Except for the obvious "Girl on fire" in both books.  The story of THG and Telesa have nothing in common to me.  Both books are awesome.  But being that I was tired of reading about people dying and favorite characters being killed off, I started reading Telesa, AGAIN, for the umpteenth time.  The only thing good about my Alzheimer like memory is that I get to relive certain parts of my favorite books like it was my first time reading the book again.  For example, how did I forget about the whole Mele and Leila confrontation before Leila does her taupou siva while Daniel sings.  While I was reading through that I remembered why I wanted Leila to burn that heifer's face off...LOL.(harsh I know)  And my heart just melting with just the little gesture of Daniel's arms around Leila in a crowded McDonald's.  Or the way he sticks up for Leila against the Telesa "psycho bitches". (swoon) What girl doesn't want a man to stand up and protect her against unimaginable supernatural power?  No girl, that's who.  I haven't even finished re reading Telesa again, but I just felt like I needed to blog about it.  Poor Jason is still sick in the hospital, so I gotta get back to my reading. (As if Jason will stay sick if I don't finish reading. smh I need real friends. lol)  Anyway, if you haven't re read your Telesa book lately, you totally should.  It always makes me feel better.  


  1. eenie, LOVED this post - I'm a huge THG Fan... I am putting off finishing book 3 cause I don't want it to end... but TELESA - I can always turn too... dangit... Love when I read something again and forget that even happened... gonna go back to my marked pages...#excited