Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Mom can you do....EVERYTHING?"

I laughed so hard when I saw this picture.  And not because I'm not this Mom, but because I AM this Mom.  I thought, "Wow I really need to stop doing this to myself".  Just the other day my 4 year old was in a really bad mood.  Everything I asked her was answered in a high pitched whiny little cry.  Oh how I hate that voice!  So she finally just said, "I need to go potty!"  To which I answered as patiently as I could muster, "So go potty already".  Then she cried in that voice "But can you walk me to the bathroom!"  To our bathroom down the hall, literally 5 steps away.  LOL! Of course I walked her.  She's my baby and she wasn't in a good mood.  Which is what I'm telling myself now so I don't feel absolutely ridiculous for being that mom in this picture.  The things we do for our kids. I hope I'm not the only one out there like this. Right?.....Right! (crickets)


  1. Thats me. Shhh...dont tell anyone Im admitting it here. My husband keeps telling me to STOP IT. But I havent. My excuse now is that my daughter BElla is the last baby i will ever have since we cant have any more. Shes 4 and spoilt rotten. But shes my LAST BABY!

    1. Yay I'm not the only one. LOL So what's my excuse when my 4 yr old is not my last baby? She has got everyone wrapped around her fingers. Don't even get me started on what she can get my parents to do. They will do anything for her. I swear if her and Bella teamed up they could rule the world! Or at least the playground.