Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't judge my knowledge by my fitness

As a mother of five and a coach, I get the looks all the time. You know those looks like, "She's the coach? But she doesn't look like a coach?"  What the hell does that have to do with what I know about volleyball?  I absolutely love the game, I played the game for years, and I love learning even more about coaching everyday.  Just because I don't look like a fitness junkie doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about.  It means I've had five kids and I put them first and unfortunately don't have all the time in the world to work out everyday.  

Yup that's the skinny me. Oh how I wish I could still be that fit again. But that was ages ago.  I'm a mother now, and I'm not obsessed with trying to get back to that size because that's just not me anymore.  I have more important things to worry about.  And yes I desperately need to work out more often, but I don't let it consume me.  Okay so I bake too much too.  I just have to accept it for now and try to find the time to get healthy and not worry so much about being skinny. 

That's me now. Chubby face and all. And I couldn't find a full body picture because I don't like taking them and I'm usually hiding behind my kids on purpose. hehe Nope I don't look like an athletic coach AT ALL. But just shut up, wait and see. And suck it when you realize that the shape of my body has nothing to do with my knowledge of the game.  

Peace out! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Move over Ezra Taylor, you are not my Daniel.

This is Ezra Taylor, as if most of us Telesa fans didn't already know. But if you don't know what Telesa is, or who Ezra Taylor is...Helloooo! Where ya been? Get with the program and read the first two books of the Telesa Trilogy by Lani Wendt Young!(click on Telesa for the link)

When I first saw this photo before I read Telesa The Covenant Keeper, I thought wow this dude is cute! But for some reason when I read through the book the first time I just never really pictured Ezra as Daniel.  I don't know what happened.  Daniel in my head was never Ezra.  Same thing with my sister who just finished reading Telesa, and When Water Burns.  But she said Ezra is not cute. WHAAATT! Back it up, hold up, check your makas (eyes) girlfriend!! One thing he is not is ugly. hahaha He's just not my Daniel, doesn't mean he isn't handsome. I'm not blind sheesh!

If you haven't heard I am a fan of Kane Thompson of Manu Samoa and Chiefs.  And by fan I mean stalker. ha! j/k But he's not my Daniel either. I just like looking at him.  And I wanted to upload photos of him for no reason.
But he happens to be on the same rugby union team as...

My Daniel who is more like this beautiful creature Richard Kahui.

Yes yes, he's not even Samoan or Tongan.  I believe he's Maori and European but not sure.  Whatever it's my imagination I can make him whatever I want.  So he's my Daniel Tahi.  

I watched this video on youtube a while back and that sort of sealed the deal for me.  If it's one thing women love is man that can make them laugh.(at least for me it is) And I seriously almost peed my pants.  

Oh my gosh, I was dying when they started singing Celine Dion! 
Anyway, Ezra is the official face of Daniel, but not when I read Telesa.  

Off to read When Water Burns...Again. Happy reading! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Confessions of a Cry Baby

I should change my Blog title to "Diary of a Cry Baby".  Geez I'm so darn emotional lately it's sickening even to myself.  Okay let me see, last month I cried in a grocery store.  That was a new one for me.  Fast forward to today I cried in the waiting room of car repair shop.  There are no boundaries to my tears.  Ugh, I hate that I can't control it.  I have literally, for as long as I can remember, tried and tried again to control my emotions so that I'm not tearing up at every little sob story, elderly couple, or sad movie.  But I just can't.  I CAN'T!  Okay so I sound like a weirdo with the whole crying at the auto repair shop.  So here is what happened.

I woke up early to get to the auto repair shop so that I wouldn't have to wait too long for a simple oil change.  But I stayed up too late, as usual, and had to drag myself out of bed.  I got to the shop a little later than I wanted, and ended up having to wait for customers who arrived before me.  I didn't mind though because I packed my book to read just in case.  

The book, The Rescue, by Nicholas Sparks.  Strange how I started reading this book.  My son Coby, who has language delay and is technically diagnosed as "at risk for Autism", likes to mess up my books on my book shelf.  One day after Coby had thrown down all my books from my shelf I picked up the book, The Rescue, and started to read.  And what is the story about?  A Mother and her son with language delays, like my son.  Right away, I was pulled in just from her experiences with trying to find a diagnosis for her son and why he wasn't talking.  So anyway, I felt like I was meant to read this story.  

So after a sleep deprived night, I'm waiting at the auto repair shop, reading my book.  The beginning of the book starts out with the Mother getting in to a car crash, and her son wanders away from the scene of the crash.  Right away she is freaking out especially because she knows that she can call his name to high heaven, but he wouldn't answer back.  Long story short, small town heroes come to the rescue and search for hours for her son.  Finally one of the rescuers finds her son. And the boy who doesn't talk, looks at the man, and says "Hewwo"(hello).  He runs up to the man and wraps his arms around the man's neck.  The man so overcome by exhaustion and the joy of finding the boy, tears up as he held the little boy.  

And that did it.  A lost, special needs boy, found by a local hero, and says "Hewwo" like my son Coby says "Hewwo" and I was fighting back tears.  There were sounds of metal being cut, and tires being removed, and engines revving up coming from the garage. And there I was in the middle of all that crying.  I turned my head, acting as if I was staring at the morning traffic as I wiped my tears. There was a man a couple of chairs down from me. I couldn't see him but I was hoping he wasn't thinking I was a complete basket case of a woman who cries in public while waiting for an oil change.  Who does that? Me.  I don't know if it was the lack of sleep coupled with the story that hit too close to home, but it happened.  And I'm over it now.  Until the next time I end up crying in public.  Oh gosh, just please not anytime soon.  Or not ever would be better.