Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Softballs and jocks

First impressions of a future husband

Spring semester in my freshman year in high school.  I had made the freshman girls Softball team and we were out on our softball field.  Our practice field was a pile of dirt with patches of grass and a home plate.
One day, not any special day.  Just a random day really, we are playing a game to help our throwing aim from the outfield.  I played left field so I was on the dirt near the Boys weight room.  So coach is suppose to hit out to us, we catch it, and throw home.  On home plate sat a big bucket we were suppose to hit.  I know, sounds silly, but it was one of my favorite games.  Coach hit a fast ground ball out to me, but I missed it.  I turned around and went chasing after it, as it rolled towards the Boys weight room.  Some of the boys from the football team were coming out.  I thought, surely one of them would help me out and grab the ball for me.  One of the Samoan boys grabbed the ball.  I'd seen him before around school before but I didn't like his crowd though.  The guys he hung out with were self proclaimed "cooler than you" crowd.  A spoiled preacher's kid was commander of the mindless drones.  But I didn't really know this tall guy yet, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
I raised my glove to signal him to throw me the ball.  But he didn't.  He acted as if he was going to, but faked a throw, and smiled as if he was amusing.  Of course that just irritated me, and I tilted my head and gave him a blank stare to show that, "no he wasn't funny".  He finally just threw me the ball, and I made up my mind to add him to the list of idiot desciples.  I looked back to see where he was, but he was already walking into the lockeroom.

Just a chance little meeting, and we never really meet again for another two years.  But who would have guessed I could meet my future husband in front of a high school Boys weight room, on a patchy, dusty softball field.  

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