Sunday, March 18, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

So this weekend Wolfy and I actually spent a weekend away from the kids.  It's been ages since we actually spent time alone without at least one or two kids.  So we had plenty of time to talk.  Since we were headed to Las Vegas we were reminiscing about our first wedding from "A Tale of Two Weddings (Part 1)".  I told him that I actually wrote about it on my Blog and he was surprised.  Surprised that people actually read my Blog but also that people are actually interested in our little story.  But then I had to confess that I haven't finished writing Part 2 yet.  Leave it to him to kick my writing back into gear.  He told me "If you said you were going to do it you better get it done.  At least start writing a little at a time."  Which I've done, but now I just need to finish it all.  I just wanted to update on my return to my blog. =)  I haven't forgotten about you Blogger world.  I've missed you.  

On a side note, before we left for Vegas I was looking up the directions to our old Wedding Chapel from our Hotel.  But it was gone!  Literally not there anymore.  We wanted to drive by and maybe even take pictures in front of the place we had our first wedding.  Unfortunately it was moved to another city nearby into the Clark County museum park that preserves old Las Vegas historical attractions.  We weren't able to go see it but I want to take my kids to that museum someday.  

Okay, gotta more excuses for me. 


  1. :) yay! Looking forward the second installent, will have the popcorn at the ready x

  2. Hope you have your popcorn ready! It's finally done. Although not as dramatic as part 1.