Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Sexy Man Reader Husband

It's finally here! The book trailer to When Water Burns.  The second book in the Telesa Trilogy by Lani Wendt Young.  A big O for Owesome to Jordan Kwan! I love it.  I can't stop watching it. Yes, I've already read the book, but I still love how the trailer will suck in new readers.  Including my husband, Wolfy.

Yup my hubby is reading Telesa the first book.  He's almost done.  I stopped bugging him about his promise to give the book a chance earlier this year.  He said it was hard to constantly read about another man's abs and not be turned off to the book. hahaha Which I understood, but I still wanted him to read it.  So I don't know what happened but he picked up the book again last night and almost finished it.  If he hadn't had to go to sleep for work he would have finished it.  

But before he slept we just laid in bed talking about Daniel, Jason, Leila, and the sisterhood.  

Wolfy- I'm almost done! 
Me- Really, what part are you on?

Wolfy- Leila just moved out of Nafanua's house. Man I have a bad feeling. I hope nothing happens to her Aunt and uncle.  
Me- Ooh it's getting good now huh.

Wolfy- Yea, it's a really good story.  Man I feel bad for Daniel. I don't like that Jason dude.
Me- Aww but I kind of like Jason

Wolfy- Heck no! I feel Bad for Daniel. He loves her so much but just hasn't really said it. Now this Jason guy? (shakes his head) I know how Daniel feels. 
Me- 0_0  Oh. Yea you're right Babe (was all I could manage) 

Sorry ladies this one is MINE!

My husband has never been more sexier to me than at that moment. When he's reading a book that I love just for me.  And then he even wants to talk to me about it.  If I wasn't married to this man already, I would be eloping with him as soon as I could. LOL 

How awesome is my Wolfy! 


  1. aawww. that is sooo cute,...I love Team Wolfy!...and magaia le force five o le reading list a hun! haha....i try getting my kamaloa to read ae ese le lazy!

    1. hahaha Team Wolfy oh yea! I did have to force him, but now he's glad I did. He just finished it and he really liked the book. Lucky for him he doesn't have to wait for When Water Burns like we did.

  2. I love this blog post. And yes, elope with that man IMMEDIATELY. Ok, so youre already married, but heck, pretend youre not so you can run away into the sunset with him all over again, lol. I always feel a little bit sorry for men who read the book because there is an over-abundance of glistening, chiselled man-ness etc and so if a man reads the book and makes it to the end? Defn give him a medal. Or something good, LOL. Darren is almost done reading the first book and i like being able to chat with him about diff things in the book and Im grateful hes making the effort too.

    1. Go Darren! Another man reader worthy of a fake elopement weekend. By the way, no complaints on my end about the glistening, chiselled man-ness. lol