Friday, September 7, 2012

Sleep escapes me...

Another Youtube night.  And No, if you're wondering, I have no life.  And I'm really okay with that.  

Meet Melanie a stay at home mum from somewhere in the UK. This is her audition for XFactor UK 2012.  When I watched this I thought of all the Mothers out there.  The kind that are willing to sacrifice everything for their children.  Even if it meant putting a God given talent on the back burner.  Because when we have children, nothing in the world seems more important than living for them. Check out what Melanie has been hiding. 

Coach John Wooden is my coaching idol.  He is everything I ever want to be as a coach.  Not because of his success but for the kind of man he was.  Hands down the best coach EVER, in my opinion. 

If you know who Joel Osteen is you know that people either like him or they think he is absolutely cookoo.  I actually think both.  I like his message most of the time, but I do think he's a little weird. If you are married, and have some time, you should listen to this really long excerpt (28 min audio only) from one of his sermons on love between a husband and wife.  It's funny, awkward, and a little controversial(sex talk from a Pastor lol).  I don't agree with all of it, but I do have to admit it gave me a lot to think about. 



  1. omg, youre such bad influence, im like, hooked now on melanie's journey and, and all the pther vids youre mentioning! love it!

    1. LOL I know. I watch one audition then next thing you know I'm watching all of them.